what demo???

Sean    Oct 30 3:04AM 2017

Your demo does not demo?

[root@esx02:/vmfs/volumes/54c0459b-78dc8880-d0fc-1cc1de006bd8/verticalbackup] ./vertical backup Vertical Backup 1.1.2 This computer is not eligible for the 30-day trial

Sean    Oct 30 3:10AM 2017

We are now offering free 30-day trial program during which all features are fully functional. Simply follow the instructions in the User Guide to download the software. A 30 day trial license will be automatically downloaded when the backup command is performed for the firs time.

this is not true.. this wording should be changed on your website.

gchen    Oct 30 10:06AM 2017

It must have mistaken your ESXi host with another host that has already completed the 30-day trial. Can you email vertical-backup-support@acrosync.com to sort this out?

Joakim Koed    Nov 9 12:34PM 2017

I also had this error (on my first try, on a total fresh machine, never tried vertical before)

I just ended up paying the 10$ because I was too lazy to email to fix it ;)

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