Before you make the purchase, we strong encourage you to take advantage of the 30 day trial program. A trial license will be automatically downloaded and installed when the backup command is run for the first time.

After the trial period, one personal or commercial license must be purchased for each ESXi host. There is no limit on the number of virtual machines, or the number of CPU sockets, or the amount of RAM.

The license is required only if Vertical Backup is used to create backups. You can run commands such as init, list, restore on any ESXi host without a license.

Personal License Commercial License
Limitation Can only be installed on home computers not related to for-profit activities Unlimited
Support Public issue tracker Private tickets with email notifications
Cost per year per computer $20 $99
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Purchasing FAQ

How does the license system work?

After you complete a purchase order, you will receive a number of License Activation Codes on the confirmation page (which are also emailed to your registered email address). You can then run the license activate command on each ESXi host and enter a license activation code when prompted. Vertical Backup will then download the license from our license server and save it to the preference directory.

I'm upgrading an ESXi host to a new machine. How do I transfer the license?

Run the init command first on the new machine using the same host id. Then run the license activate command and enter the same license activation code. The license for the new machine will be downloaded and installed. You will not be able to run the backup command on the old machine afterwards.

Is it safe to use my credit card on this website?

This website simply passes your credit card information directly to our payment processor stripe. We do not save your credit card anywhere in our system.

In addition, the connections between your web browser and this website, between your web browser and our license server, between our license server and stripe, are all securely encrypted.

Can I pay with paypal?

The order page only accepts credit cards at this time. However, you can email us and we will create an order for you.

Can I get a refund if I find out Vertical Backup does not meet our requirements?

Absolutely. Just email us any time and we will refund you an amount proportional to the unused license period. When you do so, please also let us know why you are not satisfied and what you do think we can do to make Vertical Backup better.

However, if your license is non-refundable and non-transferable (for ESXi hosts without internet connection), then we will not able to issue the refund.