Retry giving up too fast

klafbang    Sep 13 12:30PM 2017

I am making some initial backups using Vertical backup 1.1.1 to B2. The backup is failing a little too often for my taste. Perhaps introduce options to allow more retries (and perhaps an exponential backoff mechanism to not hammer the cloud server)?

Since Vertical is intended for large backups, I would expect it to not give up even if some storage gives problems for hours (especially with B2 having an entire hour/week standard maintenance window) - I am not planning on backing up more than once/week or /month (using Duplicacy for individual file backup on a shorter cycle), so I would prefer that the backup almost always succeeds; now it almost always fails.

gchen    Sep 13 9:53PM 2017

It is already doing exponential backoff but the maximum number of retries is fixed at 8. I'll add an environment variable to set the number of retries.

klafbang    Sep 13 11:15PM 2017

Thanks, looking forward to it.

gchen    Sep 14 10:46PM 2017

Version 1.1.2 allows the number of retries to be set by the environment variable VB_MAX_RETRIES. The default is 8.

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