Carl Hjerpe    Sep 15 4:06PM 2017


I understand it's not possible in current state, but is it on the roadmap to be able to run vertical from a VM within the host? Considering how clunky it is working on the VMware hosts (They're kinda meant not to be worked on?) this would be a sweet addition :)

Best Regards Carl

gchen    Sep 15 9:36PM 2017

I do have a plan to develop a desktop program that can connect to esxi hosts and run vertical over ssh. This will solve many setup problems and provide an admin portal to manage backup and restore for multiple esxi hosts.

This may however take a while -- I'm working on improving the GUI version of Duplicacy and this will come next.

Carl Hjerpe    Sep 21 1:59AM 2017

Will the desktop application have an associated CLI version that can be run from a Linux machine too?

Sounds like a nice feature! :)

gchen    Sep 21 8:09PM 2017

This desktop application should run on Linux but probably doesn't have an associated CLI version.

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