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Dustin Ward    May 2 11:09AM 2017

Does vertical support emailing without SMTP authentication?

I've tried setting username/password to empty, but it still attempts to authenticate.

Failed to send the notification email: SMTPAuthenticationError(334, 'VXNlcm5hbWU6')

gchen    May 2 7:43PM 2017

Can you try this 1.03 build:

This version does not attempt to authenticate if either the username or the password is empty.

Dustin Ward    May 4 12:58PM 2017

Thanks. I'm running into another issue.

Even though i'm specifying port 25, it's still using 587:

./vertical email --test mymailserver.local 25 '' '' 'no_reply@foobar.local' 'dward@foobar.local'

[pid 326050] connect(5, {sa_family=AF_INET, sin_port=htons(587), sin_addr=inet_addr("REDACTED")}, 16

gchen    May 4 7:42PM 2017

This is a bug -- somehow 587 was hardcoded as the port number when connecting to the SMTP server.

If you download the executable again from, it should fix this issue.

Dustin Ward    May 5 1:22PM 2017

Awesome, it's working now!


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