Vertical backup folder deleted upon reboot

Musclesbadger    Sep 9 8:14PM 2017

I did a host reboot and it looks like it wiped out the verticalbackup folder in the /opt directory. Is there a way to prevent this that you know of?

gchen    Sep 9 10:50PM 2017

You can install the vertical executable to a datastore directory which should persist after a reboot.

Lee Tickett    Sep 11 2:02AM 2017

I reported this a while back. Don't you think it would be wise to update the guide? :)

gchen    Sep 11 6:57PM 2017

Sorry about that. I was meant to first figure out which version (5.5, 6.0, and 6.5) of ESXi would wipe out the /opt directory after a reboot and then give a definitive guide on where to put the executable. This is taking some time so I haven't updated the guide yet. Should be done in this week.

klafbang    Sep 13 12:20PM 2017

All versions of ESXi wipe out everything but datastores. I believe they have a semi-official extension mechanism ( that allows things to stay, but otherwise installation has to be on a datastore.

Morgan    Sep 13 9:41PM 2017

Just put your files in "verticalbackup" directory on a datastore. It is what other backup programs suggest, and it works for me for verticalbackup.

@gchen, I do suggest updating the guide with this, I had this same problem. Since the guide suggested /opt and I wasn't familiar with esxi at the time, I thought this implied that it would persist. It didn't.

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