Vertical Backup Vanishes on Reboot

Lee Tickett    Jul 31 6:33AM 2017

It appears my /opt/ folder isn't persisting between boots. Any bright ideas how I resolve this? Or can I "install" vertical backup directly to one of my datastores?

gchen    Jul 31 4:37PM 2017

Which ESXi version is this?

Yes, you can install vertical to any directory, including those under a datastore.

Lee Tickett    Jul 31 4:46PM 2017

Latest ESXi 6.5.0 update 1.

Perhaps worth updating the documentation/install guide?

I installed on one of my datastores, rebooted and it has persisted, bingo!

Is there any more detail around the saving of passwords? The guide brushes on key value pairs in a json file, but I could use some more detail, a sample file perhaps?

gchen    Jul 31 9:19PM 2017

This is a sample .verticalbackup/passwords file that provides the SFTP password:

"ssh_pass": "12345678"

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