License Discount for # hosts and Password issue

LawcMnnn    Apr 10 7:19PM 2017

Is there a discount for buying multiple licenses? We would need around 4

Also I want to set up cron to backup files but I have run into an issue with VMWare that one the esxi host I can not ssh to the backup storage server (Not running vmware) without manually entering a password.

Normally you can generate a pub key and add it to authorized_hosts but for vmware sshing OUT this does not work for me. Still trying to figure this out on my end but does Vertical store the password so I can enter it once or do I need the pub key to work?

Again this is for cron backup. Thanks!

LawcMnnn    Apr 10 7:57PM 2017

Actually figured out the password issue.

Question on Cron.. I see an hour and minute option. How could I set up cron to run once a week or once every 7 days?

LawcMnnn    Apr 10 8:14PM 2017

Also how to set up cron to run on specified vms? I tried this but not sure if it worked:

vertical cron "5 20 * * 5" vm1 vm2 vm3

gchen    Apr 11 7:23AM 2017

If you set the environment variable VB_SSH_KEY to the path of the key file, Vertical Backup will try to log in via public key authentication using that key file.

vertical cron "5 20 * * 5" vm1 vm2 vm3

Yes, that is right.

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