Issue regarding backups at different intervals

Suspense    Sep 14 1:53AM 2017


So the company i am employed at is looking at doing backups of their VMs using Vertical, however they want to do backups of VMs at different intervals.

I noticed that if a vertical backup job is already running, i am unable to run another one, which leads me to believe that there might be an issue if 2 tasks overlap.

Lets say i have vm1 run 10 minutes past the hour every day, and vm2 run 30 minutes past the hour everyday

If vm1 takes over 20 minutes to complete, vm2 will fail to backup.

Is there a way to resolve this? Or am i left to scheduling backups of each VM on different days, with plenty of hours inbetween? :)


gchen    Sep 14 11:27AM 2017

You can remove the .verticalbackup/plock file prior to running the backup to avoid the singleton check. Or you can simply initialize two separate directories and back up different vms from each directory.

Suspense    Sep 14 12:46PM 2017

Would i have to remove this file prior to each new backup starting?

The process needs to be automated and maintain itself, so that wouldnt be a great solution.

I suppose multiple verticalbackup directories for each vm that needs a different backup interval is an idea, but a little cumbersome :).

Thanks for the advice

gchen    Sep 14 9:23PM 2017

Yes, the file needs to be removed prior to each backup. I can add a switch to the backup command to avoid the singleton check.

gchen    Sep 14 10:45PM 2017

Version 1.1.2 now supports --parallel for the backup command.

Suspense    Sep 15 1:15AM 2017

Awesome! Thanks! :)

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