DigitalOcean Spaces

Rob    Oct 13 7:43AM 2017

A number of s3 competitors exist (DigitalOcean, Minio, OpenStack, and the list goes on). We're specifically focused on using DigitalOcean Spaces as an s3 replacement which we're trying to use with Vertical Backup.

It seems that Amazon s3 as an endpoint is hardcoded in Vertical Backup which is causing Vertical Backup to connect to Amazon s3 regardless of the storage URL. Is there a way that the s3 URL can be made more flexible (i.e., ability to specify an endpoint and bucket) to support these drop-in s3 replacements?


gchen    Oct 13 11:22AM 2017

I'll try DigitalOcean Spaces myself over the weekend and get you a working version before Monday.

gchen    Oct 13 9:42PM 2017

I uploaded a new 1.0.4 build at (sha256sum: 06d674761b35e637f7feed76e97f9929571d7e2e026c936117763197b68c53e0).

The storage url format for DigitalOcean Spaces is s3://

Rob    Oct 16 8:12AM 2017

Nice! Thanks for the amazingly quick turnaround!

Everything seems to be working; we're running some tests now!

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