"Weird" characters in password fails

klafbang    Sep 13 12:24PM 2017

I'm using Vertical Backup 1.1.1 and have issues with storing my password. I'm using a B2 storage and store a storage encryption along with the keys in the passwords file.

When I remove my storage password all is working except I have to type in my password. When I put the password in the passwords file, I get the below error. It might be because my password contains a @

Traceback (most recent call last): File "vertical_main.py", line 143, in File "vertical_backup.py", line 504, in backupCommand File "vertical_backup.py", line 346, in loadConfig File "vertical_utils.py", line 345, in generateKeyFromPassword File "vertical_utils.py", line 329, in pbkdf2_bin File "hmac.py", line 136, in new File "hmac.py", line 75, in init TypeError: character mapping must return integer, None or unicode Failed to execute script vertical_main Command exited with non-zero status 255

gchen    Sep 13 9:52PM 2017

This is a bug. I'll roll out an update tomorrow.

klafbang    Sep 13 11:15PM 2017

Thanks for swift action!

gchen    Sep 14 10:49PM 2017

The bug has been fixed in version 1.1.2. It was caused by the storage password read from the json file being an unicode string which caused the key generation function to error out.

klafbang    Sep 15 2:26AM 2017

Thanks! It's working now.

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