Local VMWare storage full can't execute prune.

LawcMnnn    Apr 17 2:51PM 2017

When trying to create a prune rule set I get this error message:

~ # vertical prune -k 7:9
Vertical Backup 1.0.0 Storage set to sftp://user@ No previous fossil collections found

Failed to save '/opt/verticalbackup/.verticalbackup/cache/chunks/70/51/cfb32c13dbc907accd90ab29272c4b60debc0ab7b17ecc5ddd54edb175ef.77a14cf1': No space left on device

So I look at the VMWare host and I indeed see limited storage on the local OS mount:

Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on VMFS-5 131.0G 129.1G 1.9G 99% /vmfs/volumes/OS VMFS-5 953.0G 684.1G 268.9G 72% /vmfs/volumes/Datastore vfat 4.0G 26.5M 4.0G 1% /vmfs/volumes/514066cf-c4b82650-7eb0-90b11c2d6862 vfat 249.7M 133.3M 116.5M 53% /vmfs/volumes/4756ca74-43b28655-92c4-78b3c9b0230f

What is being stored locally versus the remote storage? (which I set up there b/c it has TB of space available). How can I clean this up and free up local space without hosing any of the backups?

gchen    Apr 17 8:47PM 2017

The default cache location is /opt/verticalbackup/.verticalbackup/cache. It is used to stored temporary copies of the backup index files so Vertical Backup doesn't need to download them every time it runs the prune command.

You can rerun the init command with the --temp-dir option to change this default cache location to a folder under the datastore:

./vertical init hostid storage_url --temp-dir /path/to/local/datastore/verticalcache

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