Support for DRS

Rob G    Sep 13 5:03PM 2017

How would we schedule / support a cluster of 5 servers where due to DRS, VMs could be on differing machines from day to day?

gchen    Sep 13 9:56PM 2017

I don't have a DSR set up and don't even know if it is going to work, so I would say it is not officially supported.

Rob G    Sep 20 12:59PM 2017

Yeah, I did test and it was unable to find the VM when it had been moved away (as I would expect). Maybe query the API and remote execute on the "home" host if it's not local?

gchen    Sep 24 6:51PM 2017

Vertical Backup doesn't use the VADP api so it can't know when the VM has been moved away.

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