Cron delete

Musclesbadger    Sep 7 10:40PM 2017

Is there a way to delete all cron backups with vertical? I went and looked at the crontabs root file and only saw one command in there.

gchen    Sep 8 8:20AM 2017

So you want to run the prune command in the cron job? The easist way is to create a script named post-backup under .verticalbackup/scripts that runs the prune command.

This is from the User Guide:

Pre-Command and Post-Command Scripts

You can instruct Vertical Backup to run a script before or after executing a command. For example, if you create a script with the name pre-prune under the .verticalbackup/scripts directory, this script will be executed before the prune operation starts. A script named post-prune will be executed at the end of the prune operation. This rule applies to backup, restore, list, check, and prune commands.

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