local variable 'hostAndPort' referenced before assignment

Dustin    Jan 25 8:42PM 2018

When initially trying out vertical I'm getting the following error on esxi 5.5

./vertical init test sftp://test@example.com:2222/

Vertical Backup 1.1.5 Traceback (most recent call last): File "vertical_main.py", line 145, in File "vertical_backup.py", line 279, in initCommand File "vertical_storage.py", line 32, in createStorage UnboundLocalError: local variable 'hostAndPort' referenced before assignment Failed to execute script vertical_main

It seems if I don't include the port, everything works properly, but not if I do include it.


gchen    Jan 25 10:36PM 2018

You can try the 1.1.5 build at http://acrosync.com/esxi/vertical that has a fix for this bug.

The version at http://verticalbackup.com/esxi/vertical is supposed to be a stable 1.1.4 build but a while ago I accidentally uploaded an unofficial 1.1.5 build to there.

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