Listing all virtual machines, No virtual machine found

vmwareuser    Sep 17 11:36AM 2018

Hi all, I have just finished setting up the demo and run the benchmark. Then tried to make a backup but only get this error!

Listing all virtual machines No virtual machine found

I have some 16 VM's on the computer so why can vertical not see them? Any help greatly appreciated.

regards Tony

gchen    Sep 17 1:32PM 2018

Can you post here the result of vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms? Vertical Backup parses this output to get all vms.

vmwareuser    Sep 17 5:31PM 2018

Hi, Here are the results.

/vmfs/volumes/58d32d02-e53263c9-6f76-00215edb00a0 # vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms Vmid Name File Guest OS Version Annotation 16 01 [datastore_01] rhel5Guest vmx-08
17 01 webby [datastore_01] webby/webby.vmx winXPProGuest vmx-08
18 01 sambariia [datastore_01] sambariia/sambariia.vmx other26xLinux64Guest vmx-08
21 01 Win7X64-Admin [datastore_01] Win7X64-Admin/Win7X64-Admin.vmx windows7_64Guest vmx-08
23 01_Indialau-Slackware x64-bit [datastore_01] Slackware (64-bit)/Slackware (64-bit).vmx otherLinux64Guest vmx-08
24 01_WTP-History [datastore_01] CentOS-55-CLI-History/CentOS-55-CLI-History.vmx otherGuest vmx-08
25 01_WTP-iDemo [datastore_01] CentOS-55-CLI-iDemo/CentOS-55-CLI-iDemo.vmx otherGuest vmx-08
31 01_CentOS6.9-Base [datastore_01] CentOS6.9-Base/IndialAU-COS6.vmx rhel6_64Guest vmx-08
32 01_Slack10 x64-bit Base [datastore_01] Slackware_x86_64/Slackware (64-bit).vmx otherLinux64Guest vmx-08
36 23_Slack_10_x64-bit Base [datastore_23] Slackware16_base0/Slackware (64-bit).vmx otherLinux64Guest vmx-08
40 23_Indialau_CentOS6.9 [datastore_23] Indialau CentOS6.9/Indialau CentOS6.9.vmx rhel6_64Guest vmx-08
42 23_WWW_blackhawk_CentOS6_x64-bit [datastore_23] WWW CentOS6 (64-bit)/WWW CentOS6 (64-bit).vmx centos64Guest vmx-08
48 [datastore_23] rhel5_64Guest vmx-08

gchen    Sep 17 7:25PM 2018

How did you run the backup command? If the name of a virtual machine has spaces in it, then you need to run it this way:

./vertical backup "01 webby"

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