[SOLVED] Software crash while trying to do backup

FrAllard    Sep 6 3:49PM 2017

I'm trying to install and configure VerticalBackup on my ESXi 5.1 and I've been able to backup all of my VM but one...

Look at the error message I'm getting...

/opt/verticalbackup # ./vertical backup sbs2011
Vertical Backup 1.1.1
Trial license expires on 2017-10-06
Storage set to sftp://admin@
Listing all virtual machines
Backing up sbs2011, id: 1, vmx path: /vmfs/volumes/datastore2/sbs2011/sbs2011.vmx, guest os: windows7Server64Guest
No previous backup found
Virtual machine sbs2011 is powered on
Removing all snapshots of sbs2011
Removing all snapshots of sbs2011
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "vertical_main.py", line 143, in <module>
  File "vertical_backup.py", line 539, in backupCommand
  File "vertical_backup.py", line 600, in backupVM
TypeError: object of type 'NoneType' has no len()
Failed to execute script vertical_main
/opt/verticalbackup #

I tried to do a paste block but could not find how to do it...

Basically it look like VerticalBackup is unable to delete the snapshot, but there are no snapshop for this machine... Also vSphere show that a Snapshot delete was "ordered" and it show complete.

Vertical Backup wait 30 seconds between the two lines "Removing all snapshots of sbs2011". Then throw the traceback...

This is going to become a Commercial license once I'm able to back this VM.

Thanks for this awesome software!

gchen    Sep 6 8:22PM 2017

There was an error reading one of the vmdk files (most likely the file disappeared during the process for some reason). The logging level of that error was incorrectly set to TRACE, so you can't see the error unless you run the command with the -v option. What caused the crash was that a None object was returned thus the len() call failed.

I think if you do a snapshot consolidation from the vSphere client this error may go away. That is because if the snapshot is too big or there are too many snapshots then it may take a very long time to finish and the snapshot deletion operation may time out. Also run the backup command with the -v option to see what the error is if it happens again.

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FrAllard    Sep 7 7:37AM 2017

Using the -v option made the error pretty obvious...

Oddly my vmx file had a had link to my vmdk which wasn't correct, I don't how this machine could work but it was pointing to the wrong datastore. Usually a vmx does not show the full path and this machine had a full path in it and it was not correct.

To correct it I had to shutdown the VM and then make a modification in vSphere, I choose to enable and disable Independent mode to force vSphere to recreate the vmx file. It worked! Now I can backup this machine.


FrAllard    Sep 7 7:37AM 2017

duplicate post (log in problem on the website)

gchen    Sep 7 2:29PM 2017

Glad you solved it. I'll fix the log level of that error message so it will be clearer when the same error happens again.

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