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Musclesbadger    Sep 16 12:04AM 2017

How do you use the --exclude-disk? Do you add the disk file name that is on the volume share? Would I still need to run that to exclude a Raw device mapping?

Musclesbadger    Sep 16 8:53AM 2017

Woops you answered this in another post. Don't forget to update the guise to help new users.

gchen    Sep 16 9:58AM 2017

I'll update the guide today or tomorrow.

Morgan    Oct 21 11:39AM 2017

Hi - I have this same question, and neither the other thread nor the guide answered this.

I have a VM that had two disks on two different datastores, each disk with the same name "ubuntuwebuzo.vmdk".

I tried specifying the exclude path like this

--exclude-disk /vmfs/volumes/x2datastore2/ubuntuwebuzo/ubuntuwebuzo.vmdk 

that didn't work then I added a second exclusion of the -flat file:

--exclude-disk /vmfs/volumes/x2datastore2/ubuntuwebuzo/ubuntuwebuzo.vmdk --threads 4 --exclude-disk /vmfs/volumes/x2datastore2/ubuntuwebuzo/ubuntuwebuzo-flat.vmdk

that didn't work

Of course I didn't try --exclude-disk ubuntuwebuzo.vmdk because that would exclude my main disk too on datastore1.

So, I went through the rigamarole of renaming the second virtual drive to ubuntuwebuzobackups.vmdk

Then I tried:

./vertical backup Manage-ubuntu-webuzo --exclude-disk ubuntuwebuzobackups.vmdk --threads 4

The result?

Uploading file ubuntuwebuzobackups-flat.vmdk
Using 4 uploading threads
Uploading ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15.51MB/s 1 day 03:27:24 0.2%

So, it still doesn't exclude it.

I could keep guessing here at what vertical wants, but I don't have time.

Can you please tell me what syntax verticalbackup is expecting so I can exclude the "backups" disk and not be making backups of backups?


Morgan    Oct 21 11:58AM 2017

Allright, I couldn't resist trying to get this working. Fortunately, it didn't take much longer.

The solution was buried in another thread. It looks like verticalbackup is just doing a very basic pattern matching on the root name of the disk. So the only way to exclude all snapshots and versions of a disk is to do something like this:

--exclude-disk "*ubuntuwebuzobackups*"

This appears to work. Now, the next thing I have to test is whether

vertical cron ....

will work with this exclusion pattern.

gchen    Oct 22 9:42AM 2017

Yes, the path in the exclude pattern should be relative.

For the cron command, you'll need to use two pairs of quotes, like this example in the user guide:

vertical cron 0 vm1 --email --subject '"Backup for vm1 has been completed successfully"'

You can always check the crontab file /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root to see if the command there is right.

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