Prune failing, unable to rename .fsl

Suspense    Oct 9 5:43AM 2017


So after a week i was wondering why none of my backups were being pruned from the cronjob i created.

I ran the prune manually and it says it deletes a whole bunch of stuff, but always ends up stopping with "failed to rename xxxxxxx.fsl to /chunk/xx/xx/xxxxxxx/: failure.

It seems no files are actually deleted, and the job always stops here. I am backing up using SFTP and the user does have read and write access.

gchen    Oct 9 8:12PM 2017

Did xxxxxxx.fsl contain any path separator? Does this file exist on the storage?

Suspense    Oct 10 3:06AM 2017


Yes the file exists.

It attempts to rename; 942d5289e456dd4f3172161f61f454acf9b257afaea1aec8c2e6ba8aea5f.fsl

to: 942d5289e456dd4f3172161f61f454acf9b257afaea1aec8c2e6ba8aea5f

However both file exists, so its attempting to rename 942d5289e456dd4f3172161f61f454acf9b257afaea1aec8c2e6ba8aea5f.fsl to 942d5289e456dd4f3172161f61f454acf9b257afaea1aec8c2e6ba8aea5f which already exists.

When this fails, it appears that the prune job completely stops and never completed

gchen    Oct 10 11:28AM 2017

In that case it should just delete the fossil instead of trying to turn it back into a chunk.

I fixed this bug and uploaded a new version 1.1.4 to (sha256: 8e0115deeebbf3f418ecd8f15d2ad14584201ce3512fdad4a68ea8cfcbc1d36b). Please give it a try and let me know if it works.

Suspense    Oct 11 2:11AM 2017


The update seems to have fixed this issue.

Thanks for the quick response, and the quick fix!


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